In office training is offered in HeartMath biofeedback for stress reduction and emotional management skills.

Emotions and feelings have a powerful impact on the human body. Negative emotions cause changes in our body that can aggravate or cause many health problems including heart disease, headaches, stroke, depression and sleep disturbance. Positive emotions such as appreciation, care, love and compassion feel good and are good for us. Positive emotions have been shown to improve health, increase problem solving, creativity and coping skills.

HeartMath facilitates your ability to self-regulate emotional and physiological changes associated with stress. You learn skills to mediate unhelpful thought patterns and increase positive emotional states.

You will receive instruction on the techniques over several weekly 30 minute sessions. Your progress is monitored in real time and you are then able to associate internal feeling shifts with what you see on the screen. With practice, these techniques can be used to return to and achieve these positive emotional states in real life situations.