Reversing Cognitive Decline: Bredesen Protocol

The Blooming Burden:

  • Millions of people are facing Alzheimer’s Disease and millions more are facing other types of dementia and memory loss.
  • 30 million Baby-Boomers currently have Alzheimer’s disease and another 45 million Americans are at risk.
  • Alzheimer’s is the third leading cause of death in America.
  • As we age, we all worry about the loss of our abilities, independence, and becoming a burden on our families.

Is there a Solution, a Pill?

The problem is that no single drug or combination of drugs in the last ten years has resulted in any permanent improvement of memory or function.

However, the “Bredesen Protocol,” developed by Dale Bredesen, the Director of Neurodegenerative Disease Research at UCLA, has proven that brain function can be restored and enhanced through specific lifestyle and metabolic protocols.

Every individual has unique causes of cognitive decline. There is not one universal type of dementia. The causes range from toxins (mercury, lead, pesticides), hormone imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, genetic, trauma and other inflammatory problems. The doctor’s detective work is to discover the specific causes for each individual’s cognitive decline.

Read Dr. Bredesen’s original publication here.

Recovery Begins:

I am a trained Bredesen protocol practitioner and can assist you by using Dr. Bredesen’s protocol to determine what is contributing to memory loss or may contribute to future memory loss. After your initial assessment, all your data from laboratory testing, imaging and cognitive testing will be analyzed by Dr. Bredesen at MPI Cognition and an individualized report and treatment plan will be created for you.

Reversal and Prevention:

Your personalized report identifies and addresses specific biochemical and/or genetic causes of cognitive decline and targets treatment to these underlying causes. Specific treatment ranges from the simple to the complex and may include pharmaceuticals, supplements, audio-visual brain training, lifestyle changes, stress and sleep management, and nutritional guidance. This will involve motivation and compliance both on your part and on the part of family members in order to receive positive results. For this reason, I also recommend I arrange the assistance of a Health Coach familiar with the protocol. Lifestyle affects how our genes are expressed and that is why this program includes lifestyle changes to result in your optimal genetic expression. It is well known that having the gene for a disease does not mean you will develop the disease.

Periodic evaluations are performed to determine your progress and update or modify your treatment. Your program is designed to first stop the progression of dementia, allowing your brain and body to start recovery.

The Bredesen Protocol is the only currently effective program.

We also have a Prevention Program:

If you have a family history of Dementia, why wait for symptoms when you can prevent them? Start with a baseline evaluation and implement our prevention program. No one can avoid growing older, but you can stay sharp and maintain an excellent quality of life.