The most important medicine to me is food.

My goal is to help understand and address your individual nutritional biochemistry, neurotransmitters, hormones, and genetic expression. This identifies hidden imbalances that can be influenced by your diet and lifestyle which contribute to mental and physical health problems.

Food is information for our body and our body responds to what we tell it with our food. I therefore focus heavily on nutrition with diets tailored to your individual needs. Testing may be done to determine nutritional deficiencies and determine why these are present. You will be provided with a treatment plan outlining a personalized approach with information on diet and supplements. Your health goals will be addressed. Elimination diets are a wonderful tool I have utilized in many patients to identify food sensitivities. Countless people have had many health conditions resolve once the offending food was removed from their diet. Nutrition counseling can be tailored to weight loss, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, fatigue and general good health. There is no medical problem that does not improve with good nutrition.